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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


The above images would be my absolute fantasy!

Not only to have a room dedicated to me and my interests,
but the time to keep it looking this organised!!

What's your favourite - I just adore the MAKE letters in the first piccie.

Whether it's your hobby or your livelihood, crafting requires space. A well thought-out "play" room of one's own reaps its many rewards. Organize your workroom around decorating solutions that do double duty without doubling the volume, too. Designate stations for supplies. This will help your space run efficiently. And prioritize counter space. Keep frequently used tools and materials in open containers, and relegate sparkles, spangles, and fluff to their dedicated shelves and marked boxes.

Seek balance between the inspiring materials that stay out for full viewing pleasure and those elements that go undercover. Doors and drawers, unlike open shelving and counter space, can be closed to help maintain a sense of order. But make sure that enclosed contents can be accessed immediately during a burst of creativity. A pantry cabinet houses a cornucopia of crafting ingredienets. Shelves are adjustable, and doors stay open.

How to stay organized: It's simple, really. Assign each craft supply to its own container. Never mix items, and you'll always maintain order. Beautiful "makings," grouped by category, are stashed within sight. A revamped vintage wall shelf, dressed up with tiny shells that have been glue-gunned on, is just right for a treasure trove of ribbons, seam binding, and thread.

I wish I wish I wish!!!


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