Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Egg cozies shaped like hens will have brunch guests flocking to the table!
Made of felt, they keep hard- and soft-cooked eggs warm.
Slip them over eggs in eggcups, and position a hen at each place setting.
The cozies can double as take-home favors for friends.

Egg Cozy How-To

Cut 2 pieces of felt to 7 x 18cm.  Draw a hen-shaped outline and cut out 2 copies.
Stack felt pieces; lay 1 template on top. Trace perimeter with a disappearing-ink fabric pen. Push a needle through felt pieces to mark eyes. Embroider eyes with a needle and contrasting thread. Using a sewing machine, stitch through felt layers, following outline. Cut along dotted line of second template. Lay template on 1 side of cozy; trace head. Stitch over traced line. Cut out shape, just outside stitching, with fabric shears. Trim bottom with scallop shears.



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