Monday, March 30, 2009

the juggling act

many designers find themselves neck deep in the juggling act between 'normal' professions and their fledgling business's. Do you stay working your 9 to 5, remain a full time house wife for some, or actually give your business the attention it deserves and needs to flourish by adding another ball to the juggling act and throwing it all up in the air.... and the sit back with gritted teeth waiting for it all to topple down.
Not to jump on the 'oh woe is women' bandwagon, but most young designers are women, many with full time jobs or young families or both and all with an innate desire to be creative. let's face it you wouldn't be thinking of adding another ball to the mix if you weren't sincere about your business worth or your creativity.
But the lure to give up full time paid work, where you know there is a constant pay packet headed your way each fortnight isn't all that enticing especially when the alternative is massive initial outlay and down right head down bum up hard work, sweat and tears.
Young business takes time, takes lots of Internet searching, product sourcing, loads of networking and the list goes on....
This week I am going to start the search for clever women (or men) who have added the extra ball to the juggling act and still have all their balls in the air......and once found I will feature them on our blog - I already have the perfect candidate in mind!!!
If you know of someone, we'd love to know about them.... please share their story with us


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