Tuesday, March 17, 2009

WA Designer - Ali J

Nancy - Ali J

Ali J (Alicia Rosam) is an extremely talented West Australian Artist who spent most of her childhood reading books up in trees and chasing her pet rabbit whilst enjoying a country life.

Quarte - Ali J

Studying Interior Design and Fine Arts, but left half way through her advanced diploma to experience life. A chance meeting in 2007, led her down the path of illustration and the prospect of a career in illustration.

Never Alone - Ali J

Her works are often referred to as dreamy and whimsical, and are usually of females with red rosy cheeks, a modern style and a great sense of fashion. Her favourite medium is ink and she enjoys collaging with vintage book paper.

A Tropical Conversation - Ali J

For more on Ali J visit her website or follow her goings on on her typepad. You can purchase her beautiful work through her shop, by visiting here.


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