Friday, April 17, 2009

All Fresh and ready to go...

Well, the two weeks school holidays are nearly over and normal life is about to start again, rushed mornings, packed lunches, cheats name it.
However, I thought I'd share with you my fleeting moment of organisation.
Being at home with the kids has enabled me to clean out all the clutter and in doing so, I've cleared out the clutter in my head as well - funny how a tidy house makes me feel!
The linen cupboard is perfect, we've baked every day and the beds have not only clean sheets, but clean mattress protectors, aired pillows, washed's like heaven to walk into the bedrooms and see it all fresh.
I feel inspired, fresh and ready for new projects.
Creatively, I can mentaly pursue original ideas with a 'clean slate' at home and although in a week the house will need cleaning again, I hope to feel like this for a long time!

I love the change in the always gets me!! Crisper mornings, pulling up the quilt in the night, the clear blue sky....who needs a spring clean? Autumn is much better!
Enjoy the weekend


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