Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter from Peg & Kate

Best Wishes to all at the Designers Emporium. I have enjoyed a lovely day with the family and hope you have all had a wonderful day also. Not to much Chocolate.

Thank you to the story posted earlier this week "Simple Easter Ideas" that gave my daughter and I hours of fun making Easter decorations.

As you can see they look great guarding the Chocolate Friands I made earlier today. Although I don't know how successfull they will be warding off the family. I give them a day tops....

The recipe for the Friands can be found at After a recent visit to Deb Moore our local Naturopath we have been looking for some Gluten Free recipes high in magnesium. I have substituted the flour in these Friands for Rice Flour, and they have turned out just as good as they would with Wheat Flour. Yippee. And Best of all my daughter Rose loves them.


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