Saturday, April 25, 2009

These are a few of my favourite things...

Here at the designersemporium blog, Rachael has been working tirelessly to create a fabulous space for our creative friends to follow and draw inspiration from. I think she has succeeded along with our other wonderful contributors (thanks to Nicole and Taryn for their inspiring efforts) and I thought it was long time I share something I love doing with you all. I will endeavour to add a new dimension to the site with a personal choice.

One of my favourite things to do (well at least give the impression) is to cook or create new meals or recipes ideas for my friends and family. I search far and wide for not necessarily the most original of recipes or even the most exotic, but for something simple, fun and most of all delicious…

So here are my favourite little teacups I like to make them for any school morning tea, friends playdate or just to enjoy at home as a treat when the kids are at school…shhh!

Simply use tictoc biscuits on the base (pink freckle biscuits are an egg free alternative), marshmallows as the cup, freckle chocies as the froth on top and ½ a musk lifesaver for the handle. To hold it all together you can either use a thickish icing sugar/water mix or as I like…I melt a little chocolate (white, milk or dark – whatever takes your fancy), let it cool so it’s not too runny and stick it all together to hold.



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