Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cuff links it is.....

I wanted to share a story…

I was at a lunch on Sunday with a dear friend of mine, Sonya, and she recounted an adventure she embarked on for the perfect gift for a 40th birthday.

Sonya had visited the launch of the Boutique Markets in June and had spied some cuff links (pictured above and below) from one of our splendid retailer’s… hot toffee…. Although she did not buy them at the time, the mental note was then called on when she then received an invitation to a 4oth birthday party. The cuff links would then be the perfect gift…but the dilemma was the 40th was before the next market… now the hunt was on!

Sonya, went to our website, rang Nicole, who was away, but helped her with a stockist that would have the cuff links, which just happened to be at Ipswich. Sonya having never been to Ipswich was undeterred, and packed up the 3 kids and announced…"kids, we are off to Ipswich"…she really wanted those cuff links!!!

Sonya made the journey and I am happy to report, got the cuff links, and presented the perfect gift at the party on Sat night!

OK, so long story, but it does go to show that the Boutique Markets, the retailers and their special wares do make an impact and plant that seed in shopper’s minds, so they may not buy on the day, but they will keep you in mind!!!

Kerry, Boutique Markets
images - hot toffee


Peg and Kate said...

Cuff Links like Nicoles, I can understand why she had to have them. I love Nicoles gear. I desparately want a pair of pink earrings for my self. I keep dropping hints with my husband,,, but nothing as yet. I think I will just have to buy them myself. ;)

Micky - Handmade Expo said...

Aren't Hot Toffee the best... oh and I live in Ipswich so I hope your journey was an adventurous one..


Cute as Buttons said...

Congratulations, Kerry! Nicole is a clever chicken! Lisa.

Nicole said...

I loved reading this post and the sweet comments by the talented lovelies above, I'm so happy Sonya made the trip to Province and found the cufflinks :)

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