Thursday, July 30, 2009

ready, set, inspire...

I have recently sourced some fabric remnants with RED the main influence, and have decided to challenge myself.

Firstly, I should state, that I do not profess to be the "crafty" one of the 3 of us at Boutique Markets....that is really Rachael and Leasl's department....I am more the "figures, marketing and business girl"!

But I do share their passion for the incredible talent we have in our retailers at the markets and what their creative minds produce.

I was particularly taken by this piece below and the unusual combination of figures on it...a little puzzled about what to do with that!

So, I will put my mind to creating something or somethings...not sure what...but either way it, or they, will be inspired by some of our retailers and the amazing things they create...

Any ideas would be be welcomed!!!


Sandrine said...

Oh wonderful!!Lately I saw on the blogsphere a quilt made with some fabrics mixed with Linen, I think Linen and red would look stunning even for some cusshions?Enough me talking... Enjoy your creative time and looking forward to see what you create;)

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