Monday, September 28, 2009

Am I a "Hawker" ?

In my pursuit to find retail outlets for my products, I have often seen
the above sign, or version's of a similar message.

At first I was unfamiliar with the term "Hawker".
Is it someone who hunt's with the assistance of Hawk's?

Google tells me it is someone who sell's their products door to door,
or uses a loud sprewking voice to sell products.

Using my detective skills, I have put two and two
together, and figure it is a sign to keep away sales people.

In my mind I rationalise that this term "Hawker" couldn't possibly
refer to me. I'm not just a sales person,
(no offense to sales people, you do a smashing job.)
I design and manufacture my own products, and did I mention by hand.....

It couldn't possibly be referring to me....

I'm picturing a door to door salesman,
from the 50's trying to sell encyclopedia's or vacuum cleaners.
That must be what the sign is referring to.
Although when was the last time you saw such a sales person?
Do they even exist?

This sign couldn't possibly be referring to me.

I couldn't be a "Hawker".......,

Could I?


Nicole said...

I always think the same thing Cathy but there's no way we could be hawkers - could we? x

Peg and Kate said...

I'm with you Nicole.

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