Thursday, September 24, 2009

in the press - brisbane news

We were absolutely thrilled to collect our copy of the Brisbane News magazine this week and for very good reason! Firstly, as our very own Boutique markets retailer Shannon Deutrom, from Milk and Honey, graced the cover of this weeks edition with a fabulous shot of herself and her gorgeous Patchblox wall plaques.

But more importantly, the article that followed on pages 12-13, is an exciting look into the thriving craft community in Brisbane. It's so exciting that mainstream news is embracing the crafting culture enough to include it on it pages for the mainstream public to read.

A snippet from the first paragraph of the article reads

"If you believe knitting is for Nana's, sewing for spinsters and crocheting for the over 60's, it's time to think again. There's a gentle revolution going on, a resurgence of all thing's handmade, and it's cooler and more cutting edge than you might imagine."

Article written by Jane Scott- Craft Counsel, page 12-13, Brisbane News, Issue 753



mygirl said...

AWESOME, great publicity!

ChallenCharms said...

I actually went to the store for the first time over the weekend (before the article came out) and there was community crafting happening - it looked like fun! It was a good article to read too.

Steph Bond @ Bondville said...

Congratulations ladies! Just read my copy and was super-excited to see the huge article and cover story. Lovely!

Little Diva said...

Fantastic article and great photo's. Well done Shannon!! Love those Biddy Bags too - I've got one myself... Christine xo

Sandrine said...

Wow Fabulous!!

Taybian Design said...

AWESOME COVER SHOT!!! Fantastic shot Shannon. Congrats! Great publicity! :-)

Peg and Kate said...

How exciting, and what a great article. I really enjoyed reading it. Well Done.

Nicole said...

Excellent photo and very interesting read!

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