Monday, September 21, 2009

School Holidays are here, finally!

This school term seems to have lasted a lifetime. I'm so happy to have the school holidays to bring my girl back to normal.

My first attempt at giving Rose an interesting school lunch failed miserably.

If anything I did discover, that she will eat plain salmon on a croissant, but it looks like I was a little to ambitious to add the chopped spring onion, capsicum, lemon & mayonnaise. I really should have known better.

I served it up for lunch myself on the same day, and it was delicious. Just not what my little poppet is looking for in a yummy lunch.

So with the school holidays here, things are a lot less stressful and we can relax a little.

So what better way to kick of the holidays, than with an early morning walk. It's such a lovely time of year in Queensland. We hit the park at 6:30am and it was glorious. Hope you enjoy the images.
Of course we had to take the four legged members of the family. They love to get out for a walk.

The little one, thinks she is as big as her shadow here in the photo. She thinks she can take on any challenger. Austin is a lot wiser, and happy to greet other puppies in the park.

Its a lovely park, and was busy with cyclists, walkers, and plenty of dog lovers.

Here's our little guy sporting his favourite Pretapawte collar. You can find these collars at the Boutique Market Portside, on the second Sunday of every month.


PretaPawte said...

Austin looks very cute in his collar. if only he would show his face on camera

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