Thursday, October 1, 2009

boutique colour collection - blue and brown

taybian - racer bag

I love colour - especially contrasting colour and I couldn't help myself when choosing the items to showcase for our very first boutique colour collection. A post purely devoted to colour and that weird pull that draws you to items on a shelf in your favourite hue.

taryn newland - photographic print

I'm not sure what it is about blue that always makes me feel calm, or whether it's the rich earthiness of brown that I find comforting or simply the fact that it looks like chocolate!

barry hunt - ned kelly

But one thing I love is when the two are teamed together - they just seem to melt in one another like old friends.

What is your favourite colour combination?


deborah leigh said...

My high school uniform was brown and blue and to this day I that is all I think about when I see this combination. Would not be able to wear it or have anything with it as wore it for too many years.!!! To think it is now a fashionable combination and the dislike for so many years!! your post might help change my mindset!!

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