Friday, January 8, 2010

have you met helen???

Adding a new an exciting dimension to the Boutique Markets at Portside Wharf is Helen Thomas

Helen is Pyschic medium, based in Brisbane.

Being both a psychic and a medium, there are two facets to the work Helen does.
As a psychic, Helen accurately pinpoints her client’s current situation and seeks guidance on their behalf as to how it may be resolved. She’ll also provide information for her client to consider in their decision making. She can identify where there may be blocks in her client’s life or where they may be held back. During a reading, you’re encouraged to ask her whatever questions you have, whether it’s about relationships, work, finances or something else.

As a medium, Helen has the ability to connect with the spirit of people who have passed away. While she can’t control who may come through or what they might have to say, she will pass on precise and accurate information, such as names and specific characteristics, to ensure the client knows the information is definitely for them.

Helen takes a relaxed, informal approach to her readings focusing on providing useful and meaningful information to her clients in a no-fuss, simple to understand language.

She would love you to come and say hello! You can read more about Helen by visiting her website, here

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