Tuesday, March 16, 2010

DIY - Home Office

my new workspace

determined to get organised I finally had the chance over the last few months to get a bit creative. First on the agenda was my notice board - I had been using a cork board which was way to small and I knew I needed to find a replacement.

like everywhere else in my home, red is the dominant colour and i found this gorgeous red and cream ticking, some lovely wooden buttons and the most divine red ribbon.....

divine red ribbon with cream stripes and timber buttons

so I started with one of these (staple gun...red..of course) and used a 120cm x 100cm double thick canvas that has been sitting collecting dust under my bed for about a year now, and some wadding (I used 2 layers) which I picked up by the roll.

i used the staple gun to secure the wadding to the frame, then secured the fabric over the top, making sure I did neat hospital corners on the edges of the frame, and hey presto she was ready for some ribbon and buttons....

now for the most important part - do not attempt to sew on buttons whilst watching the tennis, believe me trying to punch a needle through 2 layers of wadding, a primed canvas and thick fabric creates a lot of force...something I realised several times when it was my finger that it connected with on the other side..... my husband sat on the other couch the whole time and laughed every time I did it....

and the best was still to come, once hung on the wall I played around for hours with pegs and placement of bills and scripts and post cards and things... I'm chuffed with the end result...

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