Monday, March 8, 2010

guest blogger - denim by deborah

With March 14 fast approaching, it is time to clear the cobwebs off my desk, glue gun and sewing machine, and replenish my denim stocks, belts and scarves, bag handles and fabric for bag lining. It has been a few months since I have attended the Boutique Markets so I am very excited to be attending again to be selling my ‘denim by deborah’ handbags amongst such talented crafters.

Not only did the cobwebs need to be removed from my desk but my working space had disappeared with embellishments galore from exciting visits to the local op-shops. A few days ago the thought of getting back into making my bags was very daunting but now that I have cleared some space and sorted ribbons, buttons, brooches etc into some sort of order, I have seen the light and the creative juices are flowing.

An idea that I am going to encourage this year is for your ‘own’ jeans to be transformed into a handbag. So if you have those special pair of denim jeans that sit in the cupboard and for various reasons e.g. they shrunk !! you are not going to wear them again but can’t throw them out, bring them down to me and we can create your very own denim handbag! I have made now quite a few little girl handbags after friends have given me their daughters little bottom jeans, so why not for us grown up girls too!

Thank you to the lovely ladies of the Boutique Markets for inviting me to be Guest blogger. My motivation or ‘Mo Jo’ has returned with every word that I have written and I look forward to Sunday 14th March at Portside 8am to 1pm for not only selling my unique products but for having a wonder and gander – and maybe purchase ! – of the amazing array of different stock and crafters galore.


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