Monday, March 1, 2010

guest blogger - mondo cherry

Pretty Pebbles

Hi! It's Clare, JJ and Susieq from mondocherry
and we are very excited to be writing this guest post.

Do you remember the last time you decorated a stone or pebble? Was it as long ago as Primary school? Well, today we are encouraging you to have another go... it's as good as therapy! You can easily find bags of stones at your local garden centre if you don't have any around the house. Smooth ones are the easiest to draw on and we use a black Sharpie for the light coloured stones and a white gel pen (better than the white out type we have found) for the dark rocks.

Depending on what you draw and how big they are, you can use them in all manner of ways, from creating pretty dinner place settings, using them as paper weights (almost makes a pile of bills look attractive!), and sticking them into a frame, to just arranging them on a coffee table or sideboard for a lovely tactile display (assuming you don't have little ones at the 'mouthing' stage of course). You don't have to be a talented artist as patterns and shapes look just as pretty. Hope you have fun!

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Boutique Markets said...

Just gorgeous girls, I am rummaging around my house now looking for my sharpie right now....


Thea said...

You girls are so talented and creative!

♥ meninheira ♥ said...

Oh please, I love the first one!! :O

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