Monday, March 22, 2010

mailbox habits?

With the amount of junk mail delivered right to my letterbox everyday, this months Boutique Markets marketing campaign for me was a tricky one. Two options were presented to us - a direct marketing campaign through suburban letterbox drops or a flyer insert into a Brisbane magazine, also delivered into suburban letterboxes....

I'm interested to know your mailbox habits? Are you like me, and automatically throw the junk mail in the bin without a bat of an eye, or are you like many others who thrive on the junk mail and sit down with a cuppa to sift through it?

this month you will find our fabulous flyers inserted into 25 000 of Brisbane's very own Style Magazine.... let me know when you get your copy in the mail

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Thea said...

I do automatically bin it so putting it inside a magazine was probably a good call.

Anonymous said...

Sooooo love my cute eiffel tower Parisan apron that I bought from the markets. Does it make me a better cook, well you know the saying whats cooking good looking? Well I have been asked that alot as I cook instead of the boy just coming in when dinner is served!! Thanks!!!

Am sooooo looking forward to seeing what my old jeans that I have travelled/backpacked, dated, chilled out, partied and lived in over the years turns out like when it is converted into a bag!

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