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inside out - Helen Thomas

For those of you yet to speak with Helen on market day, we thought we'd give you the opportunity to learn a little more about this fascinating lady! Helen Thomas is a Psychic Medium. Helen has built a strong reputation as a psychic medium having read for hundreds of people throughout Australia, the UK, USA, Asia, Europe and South Africa – and she's now giving mini readings at the Boutique Markets.

What are the 3 most important things you do to prepare for market day?

Before I leave home, there is usually a little bit of meditation to ‘warm me up’ for readings. As soon as my stall is set up, I head down to the river to help calm my mind after all the frantic activity as everyone is setting up. Then I ask my Guides to help me so market day runs smoothly and that I can get through lots of readings – and thank them at the end.

Where do you draw your inspiration from to be creative?

Creativity has taken on a whole new meaning since doing these readings. My Guides remind me (and the people I read for) over and over how important it is that we have a creative outlet. I have a pin board above my desk where I keep pictures of people and things I find inspiring. I love to get outdoors to a park or a river and relax, usually that is where the greatest creative inspiration comes to me. I’ve always been a writer, so my creative pursuit right now is writing.

When did you first realise your ability

I had many psychic experiences as a child, but only realised what they were as an adult. I remember around age six ‘seeing’ two men in our home. It wasn’t as scary as that sounds! One turned out to be my grandfather who died about eleven years before I was born. The other was one of my Guides. I caught up with an old school friend recently who was able to tell me about the stories I used to tell her back then. The older I became, the more I blocked it out. On occasion there were things I would ‘just know’ but always dismissed it as coincidence.

The major turning point for me came about nine years ago after my aunt passed away. She came through in such a way that my life was never going to be the same. I am so grateful to her for opening up my abilities as a medium. From there my psychic ability grew as well. Not all psychics are mediums. As a psychic I pinpoint your current situation and how it may pan out in the future. Being a medium means I can connect with people who have passed away.

What do you feel/think when you are doing a reading?

This is actually really difficult to describe! It’s almost like I step aside and my Guides do all the talking. I liken it to being a telephone line – the information comes through from the caller to the receiver. This is why I tend to forget most of the readings the minute they are over, I don’t have a record button.

There are also a lot of physical sensations which occur for me during a reading. I can actually feel someone else’s pain (ie, if you have a bad back, mine will hurt). This sensation feels quite different from other messages I receive physically. With medium readings, different parts of my body will heat up depending on who is trying to get my attention – my left arm burns if a female who has passed is trying to come through and right is usually for a male. I’ll also get strong emotions attached to the reading as well. There’s a lot going on for me during a reading!

Who are your favourite people to do readings on?
I meet so many different people from such diverse backgrounds and parts of the world - that in itself is really interesting for me. My passion is helping people realise their life purpose, identifying where they might be blocked and then looking at what they can do to make it happen. I’ve gone through the process of leaving a safe, well paid job to do something ‘risky’ but love the idea that what I’m doing might help someone else take the leap into something meaningful for them.

Would you ever go back to your old job?

I’ve been lucky enough to find something which gives me such an overwhelming feeling of meaning and satisfaction and I get to pass that on to other people - I can’t imagine ever giving it up.

To find out more about Helen, you can visit her website

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