Thursday, May 6, 2010

inside out - the creative cycle

my grandmothers sewing machine - taken by Taryn Newland

thinking about today's inside out post, and with Mother's Day so close, I thought it would be nice to reflect on what the word Mother means to me..... In my world, the word Mother represents a cycle of creativity........

My mother had a major influence she had on my own creativity. A very fine seamstress, she was always whipping up something on her machine, and I remember vividly falling asleep as a young child to the hum on the sewing machine at night.

my grandmothers Knitting needles - taken by Taryn Newland

So as my role as a mother to my own children, it's important to me to continue to nurture that sense that being creative has no boundaries, no limitations and allowing them to reach into their imaginations and just give it a go! I wish all the retailers at our markets with children a happy Mother's day for Sunday, and I thank them for keeping the cycle of creativity alive and well!

Happy Mother's day!

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