Thursday, October 14, 2010

Inside Out

Today we're hearing from Rachael Zelensky -
the passionate founder of the Boutique Markets and lover of all things creative!

What are the 3 most important things you do to prepare for market day?

Set the alarms for the 4am wake up, I actually set about 5 different alarms, I have this awful recurring dream of sleeping through the alarm on market day…. Then I wake up every hour, on the hour before the alarm goes off, and when it finally goes off I am so tired I could sleep for a year!

Where do you draw your inspiration from to be creative?

I draw my inspiration from the commitment of my retailers to their own creativity. These guys put their heart and soul into their work, and inspire me every day with their commitment to their business’s. My market journey began as a retailer, just like them, and though now has developed into a business showcasing the talents of others rather than my own designs, I feel a genuine connection to that grass roots level of creativity. Market day for me I am like a kid in a candy store…..

What do you like to do to relax?

Immerse myself in design blogs, read house and garden magazines and spend leisurely weekends with my husband and kids cooking and watching DVD’s.

Tell us something other than your craft/work that you feel passionate about?

Food allergies – my 8 year old has anaphylaxis to Egg and as a toddler was allergic to everything including Dairy, Wheat, Shellfish, Peanut and Tree nuts.

Is this your full time job, if not what else do you do?

This is my full time job during business hours, but I am a happily married mum to 2 children, Ella 8 and Riley 6. Things can get very hectic in our household, but I am so blessed that I have a job which allows me to stay home and enjoy my children too.

Where do you want to be with your business in the next 5 years?

Global baby!

Tell us something interesting about yourself (not related to your business) that we never would have guessed.

I am petrified of dogs – I mean really petrified. Which is a little funny seeing that I organised the recent Kids and Pets Big Day Out where the market place was over taken by the four legged friends....

Thanks Rachael!
You can discover more about this lovely lady and her gorgeous home over here.


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