Tuesday, October 12, 2010


These adorable owls make a divine addition to a baby's room
or if you're a creative-type like me why not make some up to spell
your name or business name in your studio or office!
Simply make an egg-shaped pattern for the tummy out of one fabric,
and a larger one for the back out of a textured fabric with extra material at the top to fold over and sew down with a few stitches to make the nose.
Fill with rice or beans and sew onto a fabric-covered cardboard disc to create the base.
Attach small buttons for eyes and
embroider on letters to make the word of your choice.

So so cute!


lauren carney said...

your blog is utterly splendid!
I just thought you need informing!
keehee x x

Boutique Markets said...

why thank you Lauren, thanks for popping in to say hi!

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