Thursday, November 4, 2010

Inside Out - Marketplace Art

Today we're getting to know a little bit more about the very talented Cath from Marketplace Art. She creates gorgeous artworks, so check them out next market day and head over here to check out her website.

Q. What are the 3 most important things you do to prepare for market day.

1. Check that all my displays ie. racks, stands, and blinds are clean and in working order.
2. If Greg, my husband is away, call in all favours from friends and family to make sure I have a carer for my little bloke, Harry. Preferably one who doesn't need paying!
3. Set my alarm for 'bird chirping early' on Market day.

Q. Where do you draw inspiration from?

I take inspiration from my own personal love of colour and things 'bright and beautiful'. I am likewise inspired by all things circular - the circle of life, continuity of thought, threads of conversation, what goes around comes around....

Q. What do you do to relax?

Strangely, I love to ride my bike really fast! Excellent for relaxation....

Q. Is this your full time job?

I am a full time stay at home mum, part time artist! Next year I plan to balance study of Nutrition and Dietetics with the pursuit of my artwork and care of my family...

Q.Something about yourself that you would never have guessed?

I spent 23 years of my life serving in the Australian Regular Army and was awarded the 'Order of Australia Medal' for my service.

OK, so that's five!


Yolande Pritchard said...

wow Cath your work is gorgeous, very modern. I can't wait until I finally get the chance to come and check you out at the boutique markets among many other talented people.

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