Wednesday, November 17, 2010


This button-stamped gift wrap and tags are really fun to make and super duper easy!

It's best to stick the button onto a cork with double-sided tape,
then place the paper to be printed onto a towel
(this cushions it and helps the button print more evenly) and using acrylic paint print away with one or many different colours and sizes of buttons!
Once dry, tie up using twine and buttons.

To make name tags, cut out any shapes you like and either glue buttons on or print again!
The choices are endless!

Have fun.


Brooke said...

There surely is no end to your creativity. Love the idea, thanks!

Mrs Button said...

I LOVE this idea and boy do I have some great buttons to play with. Lisa x

Sandrine said...

Cute!! thanks for sharing:)

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