Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Preserved Lemons

The idea of preserving lemons is ancient and has many versions. Since becoming obsessed with lemons I learned that the easiest way is to make paper-thin slices of lemons. Compared to preserving whole or quartered lemons the paper-thin slices are ready after 2-3 days, perfect for those with less impulse control (me me). Other than that, it’s easier to take the amount you want out of the jar. Out where?! A slice of rustic bread with some soft goat cheese and thinly sliced onion (yummm) or any other sandwich, salads, steamed vegetables, stews or pastas. Anything really.

When buying them – look for those with a thin peel and lots of juice
Slice the lemons into paper thin slices (as much as possible) and take out the seeds. Place in a small jar and every few slices sprinkle salt generously. Also press the lemons down so their juice runs out. When you get to the top of the jar the juices should reach the ¾ mark or above. Squeeze more juice as needed to cover everything and then add a thin layer of olive oil. Close tightly and put aside in a bright spot for 2-3 days.
Check if ready – it should be very soft in texture and sourness. Keep on the counter for a week or two (if it’s not too hot) or refrigerate.


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