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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gourmet Wednesday

One of my all-time favourite favourite favourites!!
I love lemon butter so much I triple the recipe below at least...
apart from eating it on anything I can think of...
if I can bear it, a jar makes the perfect gift for a special friend.
(and no-one can make it like my Mum does xx)
Lemon Butter
2 lemons, 55g butter, 2 eggs, 225g sugar.

Wash lemons, grate rind into sugar and squeeze the juice. Beat eggs.

Put all ingredients into a double saucepan
(or in a basin standing on a saucer in a saucepan with 5cm water)

Cook for 15 mins or longer until thick, stirring frequently.

Put into screwtop jars and cover while hot.

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liznnolund said...

This is absolutely decadant! Would it be possible to process this for storage (canned)? It would great gifts if it could be sealed....thank you

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