Thursday, June 11, 2009

Earthly Jewels

Julie Evans of Earthly Jewels has always had a love of expressing her colourful imagination and creativity through craft. Using mixed media is her favourite choice for one off creations.

Stones, Lace, Polymer Clay, Beads, Shells, and Felt are just a few items used to inspire something truly different. Earthly Jewels has found a niche in the market place of mass production by hand making detailed exclusive creations and distinctive pieces using this mixed media.The textural possibilities with all of these mediums combined, allows her to make jewellery, coffee purses, belts and other items - earthly, chunky wearable pieces of colourful art. As Oscar Wilde said, “Nothing succeeds like excess.”

Julie loves to lock herself away for a few hours in her studio and just focus on making a piece. She loves it when a stranger asks her where did she get that – she smiles and says "I made it."
Earthly Jewels will debut at this weekends Boutique Market at Portside Wharf.


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