Saturday, July 25, 2009

Boutique Markets sponsorship

Boutique Markets was proud to be a major sponsor of the Barracks Medical "Wellness and You" fundraiser held on Thursday at Iceworks at Paddington. Mardi Vory is the co-owner and principal GP at Barracks Medical and shares a passion for charity and not for profit organisations, as well as supporting our community through effective information regarding health issues.

Mardi's hope is that the evening, the first of a series of charity evenings, will encourage women to embrace all aspects of their well being....physical health, emotional health, intellectual health and of course the need to set aside time to relax and pamper.

Kim Wallace from Udessi - sponsored Canvas totes

The evening raised funds for the Gidget Foundation, a not for profit organisation which promotes awareness and support networks for women with Postnatal depression. Gidget Foundation was created by the sister and a friend of a young woman "Gidget" who committed suicide as a result of post natal depression. Her family and all those close to her were unaware that she was suffering so desperately until it was too late.

Renee Treml - sponsored a gorgeous print.

We were very fortunate to receive the support of some of our retailers through the donation of prizes for the multi draw raffle on the night. A very big thank you to the our generous Retailers.

Taryn Newland - printed canvas

Jamie Beattie - selection of handbags and accessories

Sandrine Marsh - scarflet and brooch

Bloomworks - Leanne supplied our guest speaker Catherine Knox from the Gidget Foundation with a stunning bouquet of flowers.
Thank you so much to our retailers who embraced this event through their donations and a special mention to Taryn who also secured a generous donation from her husbands company Cenovis as well. Overall we were overwhelmed with the support of the evening and are happy to report that over 120 people attended the night.


Maree said...

fabulous Cause...Glad the night was a Success.

Sandrine said...

I am very happy to read about the night success Congratulation to all the people involved .Great cause to be part of!

Kim Wallace :: Udessi said...

So glad the night went well Kerry! Sorry we couldn't be there...

bubbachenille said...

Congratulations on a successful fundraiser. All involved deserve a big pat on the back. :)

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