Wednesday, July 8, 2009

eye spy!

Yesterday I was very excited to answer the door to a courier who was delivering the balance of our latest printing order from our fabulous printer...CPAG.
Like a child opening a present, I was excited to pull out, one by one, each item that had arrived. First the balance of our Boutique Markets business our newly embroidered tablecloth for our marquee...and finally these fabulous car stickers.
So of course like a child that unwraps and immediately plays, I left all the wrapping on the floor and headed straight to the car and after a quick window clean, I carefully, and proudly, placed a sticker on my rear window!!! The best thing is that I can admire it in the revision mirror with and it reads just the right way!!! So I now drive around Brisbane, very proudly knowing that I am getting the word out there for our fabulous event...

See you all on Sunday at Portside Wharf from 8am - 4pm!


Kim Wallace :: Udessi said...

How exciting! We'll be able to spot you everywhere now!

Boutique Markets said...

Not to mention the 8 Fantastic Feather Boutique Market Flags that arrived today at Portside that will be displayed on Sunday at the markets.... they are amazing!
Can't wait for you all to see them!

Little Jane St said...

They look great! and the flags sound even better - I can't wait to see them! See you on Sunday:)

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