Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shoe box heaven

I have been working on many projects around my house in the hope that I would get myself organised once and for all. As part of that process I have added to my existing collection of shoe boxes from Shoe Box Heaven to finish off my wardrobe.....with the result being my very own "shoe box heaven"!

At the same time I could not help but think what a great tool these boxes would be to display products of various retailers at the Boutique Markets. The options are endless as to what you could do with them, but just quickly these are some products from our retailers that I thought would look fabulous in the boxes.

My Girl - Bubba Bushka singlets...rolled up to display the colours available.

Mimoo - baby blanket - again to display fabric designs.

Miss Haidee - baby bloomers.

Boxes are available from Shoe Box Heaven. And what is lovely about buying these is that 10% from their sales is given to people in more about it on their website.


Nicole said...

oooh I wish my wardrobe was that organised Kerry - those shoe boxes would really come in handy here :)

kerry said...

Ooooh, I should have added...that first image is from Shoes Box Heaven photo gallery...could not find my camera to take a photo of my own wardrobe...but am happy to say looks almost as efficient...just could not justify shoe boxes for my Havianas!!!!

pixelhazard said...

Oh my goodness thats so crazy great! Talk about maximising potention shoe space

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