Monday, September 14, 2009

Market Day - Painted with Colour

button bobbies - evie rose

Another lovely sun drenched market day yesterday and the marketplace was painted with a rainbow of colour for all to see. Everywhere you looked, your attention was grabbed by bold colours - bright pinks and greens, striking black and white and the multitude of hues in between.

colourful rings - little diva

from clever displays to artists on display, this market was alive with things to see, like artists creating masterpieces, to things to feel - like rice filled bowls

poppy painting in progress - works for your house

pink and white marquees - jenny's photographic cards

and then there was the colourful and brightly decorated marquees, just in time for summer and looking every bit warm and inviting. what more could our customers want? How about a brightly decked out retailer to go with that and a happy and vibrant smile!

colourful retailer melinda - retro bird

basic black and white - ookee mee

and last but not least, striking black and white marquees, retailer dressing and yummy homemade products completed the fabulous September market look!

black and white delight - jams tapenades and relishes

black and white dress - created by thea from thea and sami

I overhead many comments yesterday from customers amazed at our marketplace.
One lady say came up to me to say that she had heard great things about us, but was blown away by the visual presentation of the markets. She only wished she had brought more money to spend and was going to boycott the shopping centres this Christmas and buy all her gifts from the Boutique Markets!!!


Thea said...

LOL... Who took this photo? The dress doesn't look too chic with the change bag strapped around it.

Little Diva said...

Beautiful photo's Rachael. Thanks for including my rings... Christine xo

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