Monday, September 7, 2009

What's in Peg & Kate's Lunch Bag?

(above Lunch bag by Peg & Kate. Lunchbag is lined with wool to keep
lunches cool or hot all day, great news is they are machine washable.
So no more trying to reach into the depths of a dirty lunchbox with a chux.
Just put straight into the washing machine on cold, gentle cycle. )

Well, up till now, it hasn't been very exciting.

I've hit a wall as a parent. Tired of seeing my hard work
wasted when uneaten lunches return home from school.

I haven't always felt this way. When my daughter first started
school, I was very excited about the whole process, of packing
for a day of school. Making sure my little treasure had all the
right food to make her strong, happy and healthy.

But I'm blessed, huh, with a fussy eater, (god love her).
That coupled with other children's lunches looking more enticing
with crisps, chocolate's and processed cheese's.
I am doomed to half eaten lunches.
Even taunted by the evidence of crisp packets in the returned
lunch bag. That I assure you, did not make their way to
school in my daughter's lunch bag.

Well, in the spirit of the new movie Julie & Julia,
I have decided to document my journey through the
"School Day Lunches" cookbook by Company's Coming
Kitchen Workbooks. Determined to find some healthy,
exciting school lunches for my daughter.

And you, my avid Boutique Market blog readers,
are going to be subjected to every success and failure Monday's,
here on the Boutique Markets Blog.

So first up next Monday, I will bring you

Little Lunch;
Iced Apple Tea & Orange Melon Salad


Big Lunch;
Salmon Croissants.

Wish me luck. I can feel the heart ache already!
But I'm up for the challenge.


Nicole said...

Yum - can you pack my lunch too? Big lunch sounds delicious! Hope it was liked by Rose.

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