Monday, October 12, 2009

market day wrap up

those who ventured out yesterday to Portside Wharf, ignoring the predicted thundery showers were greeted by row upon row of crisp white tents filled with an abundance of fabulous handmade goodies from across our south-east region.

even the blue sky peeked through at times, and the morning brought a lovely cool breeze, perfect for strolling the marketplace.

customers were splashed with beautiful colour, from gorgeous blooms from Bloomworks to colourful pendants from Strat designs, and cool fake grass from Pret a pawte.

Even the retailers got into the spirit, with Jenny (below) from Jenny's Photographic cards, co-ordinating her pink and white marquee with her outfit.

and though the sky was grey, they still came, sifting through the masses of gorgeous products of offer, including the delights from our gourmet retailers like Dish and Spoon below. YUM YUM!

and we couldn't forget to mention some new retailers on show this market with the debut of Selvedge House (below) and their lovely selection of goodies!

If your senses were stimulated visually then a stroll past the marquee of Francesca Rockette, would have done it with the sweet scent of leather.

continuing the red styling, Deb from Denim by Deborah drew in the crowds with her bright and colourful red themed marquee and bubbly personality.

and from red to blue and a mix of the two, we hit the subtle end of town, with the simple but stunning styling of love stamp above and evie rose (below).

and right before closing, the sky grew dark, and the heavens opened up, and down came the rain! We shouldn't complain, we did have almost 5 hours of beautiful weather! If only it had just held off for an hour longer so that we could pack everything away all nice and dry!

and after all the customers had gone home, and the retailers were safely back in their warm dry homes, we remained, drying down the marquees....hopefully by tomorrow they will be dry enough to finally pack away :)


deborah leigh said...

are these all your pics rach, wow, look out taryn she may have some competition. they are great and great wrap up too. was thinking of you all when I left, wanted to help but then again I didn't aswell!! the sun was out today to dry all my wet/saturated pretties thank goodness. until next month...

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