Monday, October 5, 2009

Only 6 more sleeps.....

If you are a Boutique Market retailer, and anything like me, then its more like 5 sleeps.

I rarely sleep a wink the night before market day. I'm not sure if its last minute nerves, or that I'm just that worried I will sleep through my alarm clock. What ever it is, I see every hour tick over.

pictured above, Peg & Kate Lunch Bags

This week I'm super busy making Lunch Bags, in colours to match my new Library Bags. Like last minute Lizzy I will be sewing at every opportunity to make sure I have enough stock for market day.

pictured above, All new Peg & Kate Library Bags

So Market Day is this Sunday, from 8am to 1pm. If you are looking for some where to start your Christmas shopping, head down to Portside Wharf, Hamilton. Your sure to find some wonderfully unique gifts.

If your anything like me, you will find plenty of items to put on your own wish list. So make sure you bring a friend, a family member , anyone who can be trusted to pass on this valuable information.

There is always the other option....... treat yourself.

See you Sunday.


PretaPawte said...

I'm glad our stall takes so little time to put together as I'm hopeless at the early starts and it feels like we are often the last ones to start setting up..

We have a few additions to the stall for this weekend (come on Vistaprint banner..). Should be a great Sunday.

Shazzabeth Creations said...

So glad I'm not the only one who keeps having to manage my stall on the back of a sleepless night! - Not of course that I'd wish insomnia on anyone!

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