Monday, January 18, 2010

McLove for Haiti

with all the tragedy at the moment of the people of Haiti plastered over our Internet and TV I needed to remove myself from it and find something inspirational....

The Turtle Tree Foundation.

A non-profit foundation registered in the Netherlands since 2007, have started several ventures in rural communities in Haiti. In collaboration with local partners they develop new, green, artisanal products that can find a market abroad. Their gorgeous range of McSocks - felted sleeves for MacBook's, I phones and I pods are just delightful.

The goal is sustainable economic growth. They support their partners to achieve independence – as members of a worker-owned co-operative they will become the backbone of social and economic development in their communities. They also learned how tremendously complicated the road to independence and sustainable growth is. It is very difficult to produce goods that can compete in the global market in isolated Haiti, the poorest and most underdeveloped country in the Western hemisphere.
Elcina Désulmé, one of the group leaders of the women’s co-operative in Verrettes, says,

Piti, piti, wazo fe nich li.”
(Little by little, the bird makes its nest.)

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