Friday, January 15, 2010

Seasonal Friday....

For all of you out there who have school-age children...this time of year has us consumed by labelling pencils and covering books! Is it just me or does anyone else prefer to do it the old-fashioned way - even if that means spending more time and work?? For the first time this year I tried the patterned contact thinking I'd save time by doing one layer instead of my usuall 2 - being pretty paper and then clear contact....well, I was very dissapointed as the stuff was SO thin and virtually impossible to lay flat. Even once done, it started lifting off and not sticking!
So I'm back to my usuall method and much more individual I might add - not every little girl wants Dora or Barbie books!

Another one of my loves are the divine pencil rolls from Peg and Kate. We started out with one for each child about 18months ago and now have another one at home just for water-colour pencils! I find them just wonderful as everything can be seen at a glance when un-rolled and a whole pencil case full of things doesn't have to be tipped out all over the place...I don't know how many comments we've got when dinning out in restaurants, doctors surgeries, airplanes etc as there's no noise or mess! They are THE best, most well-loved things in our art contact Peg and Kate here to snap one up!

Happy contacting!!

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moose and bird said...

Your method sounds much more individual than boring old Dora or Barbie contact. I remember collaging my books with pretty pictures when I was at school. Have a great week. xo

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