Tuesday, May 25, 2010

DIY update - not just a pretty face!

so for those of you who know Leasl, my business partner, you would know that she is not an avid blog reader. Some of us are, like me, but for Leasl it's often about a lack of time, rather than a disinterest - this busy mum of two has a full time job helping me run the market and also a full time day job as a teacher aid. So I am always chuffed when I find that she has been secretly reading our blog, and even more chuffed when she actually sets aside some time to do one of the dIY's I've posted!

So after reading last weeks tutorial on frilly shirt she was inspired to make her own! Heading off to the shops to buy 2 cheap tshirts (why spent a lot when you are only going to cut them up!), she nabbed a bargain - 2 shirts for under $10!

snip snip snip!!!

some clever scissor work and a few pins later and ....da....dah!!!!

The masterpiece had been created, and I think it looks fantastic!!!!
10 points from me, 5 for the shirt and 5 for reading the blog! :)

if you'd like to make the shirt Leasl is wearing, or something else frilly, then pop over to last weeks frilly tutorials where you will find how to's for everything from adults and kids shirt, to pillows and scarves.

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Julie @ Earthly Jewels said...

OMG that is just hilarious. Well done Leasl, great job. I agree with Rach 10+ points.

deborah leigh said...

I am very impressed Leasl, wow, can you make me one too please!!!

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