Wednesday, July 14, 2010

wednesday gourmet

Wednesday Gourmet
is a selection of of gorgeous recipes straight from the cookbooks
of our fabulous gourmet food retailers.

today's gourmet recipes are bought to you by Tina from Rumble Tums

Rumbletums gourmet baby & toddler foods are prepared by hand, using home style cooking methods to produce the best taste possible. The Original Choice, The Organic Choice, The Only Choice... visit their website or facebook page

Cheesy Balls Covered with Goodness – Serves 2 adults & 1 toddler:

1 x hush hush 150g pouch
1 x 220g tub of marinated bocconcini
Handful of chopped olives
Enough pasta for 2.5 people

Cook pasta, drain and return to pan, add defrosted hush hush sauce, bocconcini and olives (plus 1 tbs of the olive oil the bocconcini came in), mix through pasta and serve. Sprinkle with chopped basil leaves and a little salt and pepper for the adults!


This was a huge hit on Friday; it was a nothing in the house, what are we going to eat scenario:

Make your usual pikelet recipe
add a handful of peas & corn
a handful of chopped ham and cheese
...add 2 cubes of HUSH HUSH Tomato Sauce (with heaps of veggies) mix & cook pikelets YUMMY!

thanks Tina

Starting from August 8th, when visiting the Boutique Markets, you can tantalise your taste buds in our Gourmet Food Alley


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