Thursday, August 26, 2010

inside out - Peg and Kate

What are the 3 most important things you do to prepare for market day?
Sewing, sewing and more sewing. I have found that If I make sure I sew a roll a day between markets then I'm sure to have enough stock to take to market. It's nicer to sew something from start to finish and admire each completed item. I feel happier sewing that way. When Im inundated with orders I have to approach it in a more productive manner. Doing all my cutting in one hit, and sewing the same steps over and over. It feels like a never ending mountain of sewing but eventually you have a stack of completed rolls and thats a great feeling. I must say I much prefer, sewing one at a time though. It feels more personal and less mass produced.

Where do you draw your inspiration from to be creative?
Im inspired by my daughter, I love to make things for her. I think that handmade gifts are something you will hang onto, they become more of a keepsake. So if there is something I know my daughter would like for her bedroom, or for school, I often try to make something that reflects her taste and personality. It is when her friends like these items that they form part of the Peg & Kate range.

What do you like to do to relax?
I love to watch movies. Nothing relaxes me more than watching a classic film, or a chic flick. Couple the movie with a nice glass of wine and a cheese platter and Im in heaven.

Tell us something other than your craft/work that you feel passionate about?
I feel passionate about my new home town "Ipswich". Originally from Sydney, my family moved to Ipswich, QLD about 5 years ago, I can see such potential in our lovely little town. Great buildings, with such history. The people make the town. So many creative people. I can't remember the last time I felt this connected to a town. I can't help feeling like Ipswich could be the next Balmain. Sure there's no harbour bridge as a back drop but it has that same village feel. I love being a part of the town at the grass roots.

Is this your full time job, if not what else do you do?
My full time job is taking care of my beautiful family, having a job that I can work at my own pace, that fits in around my family and my own needs is a blessing. It has taken a lot of patience, but I can see it is growing slowly. As my family grows I can invest more of myself into my business. As parents and business people it can be tricky finding the right balance. I think I'm onto a good thing. But it is only with the support of my loving husband that I have been able to grow my business in this fashion. I can see that if I didn't have that kind of support, it would be a lot more hectic. I take my hat off to those working businesses full time and raising a family. Its hard work.

Where do you want to be with your business in the next 5 years?
Im supposed to have a 5 year plan aren't I..... well, I don't think I have thought that far along. I would love for the Peg & Kate brand to be a recognised Australian Label. I would like it to provide me with a full time income......ha that would be nice! I think most importantly, I would like to find a way to continue to grow my business and keep my products made here in Australia. The challenge is keeping my prices competitive against cheaper imports. Whilst ever there is a market for handcrafted items made here in Australia, I will keep on making my Peg & Kate products.
Tell us something interesting about yourself (not related to your business) that we never would have guessed.
I love a good sing star challenge. When I get together with my Mum and my sister we all have a go singing our favourite songs. I can't say we are very good at it, but there's nothing better than singing loud and proud for everyone to hear. It's great for your soul. We laugh our selves silly. This may sound a bit daggy but I'm partial to a bit of Tom Jones, and if we can choreograph a few dance moves to go with the song then even better.
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