Monday, September 6, 2010

Guest Blogger - Helen Thomas

Today begins a fabulous new monthly post by Boutique Markets Retailer, Helen Thomas, psychic medium.

Helen takes a relaxed, informal approach to her psychic medium readings. She focuses on providing useful and meaningful information for her clients in a no-fuss, simple to understand language.
A psychic reading with Helen can help provide guidance and clarity. Ask about any area of your life you feel you need direction whether it's your work and career, relationships, health, finances or something else. As a medium, Helen can also connect with those who have passed away.
Helen provides readings full time for people all over the globe. As word of mouth spread about her accurate readings, she left behind her corporate job to establish a successful practice.

Enjoy and be inspired.....

Spring clean your way to a revitalised you

Spring is here with its energy of renewal, revival and that glorious tingling anticipation of the new. Harness this positive energy to recharge the batteries and make any final changes for that last surge to the finish line at the year’s end.
Just like spring-cleaning the house, Spring is the perfect season to review your energy, clear out the old or repair what needs a little TLC.

Step One – Clear and Cleanse

Clear out your life as if clearing out your wardrobe. Create room for the new by getting rid of anything that doesn’t ‘fit’ anymore (whether it may be people, places or possessions).

Ever felt better after spending a day at the beach? Salt water washes away stale and stagnant energy – and it’s cheap! Wash items which can withstand it in salt water. Try soaking in salt or mineral bath to restore your own energy. You can also let a bowl of salt water work its magic in your home or office. Be sure to change the salt water every couple of days and keep the bowl in use until you feel cleared of unwanted energy.

Step Two: Repair and Restore

This purging process may unearth areas of your life in need of a little tender, loving care to bring them back to their former glory. It’s time to repair and restore your energy.
Get outdoors. Spending time in nature is free and easy and will do wonders for restoring your psyche. Go for a bush walk, sit in a park or simply admire your own back yard.
Stuck indoors? Engage in an activity which makes your soul sing. Whether it is cooking, singing or simply taking a bubble bath, spend a little time immersed in those things which purely make you feel good.

Step Three: Create

This is the fun part! Now you’ve created room in your life it’s time to go ‘shopping’ for items which reflect the new you.
Create a vision board or an inventory of the kind of life you want to manifest. Put it somewhere where you will see it often. Positive affirmations can also bring about positive change. You’ll soon start to notice people and situations in your life mirroring your new revitalised, more positive energy.

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