Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Make it...

Memo Boards

When you honestly can't be bothered to make one of those lovely fabric memo boards...here's a few ideas for something a bit different (and easier!)

1. Use an old frame and paint it off-white, take out the glass and adhere paper or wall paper to some cork, foamcore or chipboard and put the frame back together (without the glass)...use thumb tacks to pin things up.

2. Find an old off-cut of wood, plastic or suitable flat surface - the more unusual the shape the better - then simply wind string or ribbon around it, securing at the ends at the back and use mini wooden pegs to hang things.

3. Back to the using an old frame idea - this time frame a favourite sheet of paper/wallpaper etc and then assemble the frame as normal keeping the glass in this time...then you can write things on the glass using a non-permanent marker, wipe off with a damp cloth and use over and over again!

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