Monday, December 6, 2010

Guest Blogger - Helen Thomas

New Year's resolutions - that stick!

Where has the year gone?!

There is less than a month until 2011 begins, so it's the perfect time to start thinking about the kind of year you want to have and what you want to achieve.
In an earlier blog post, I mentioned the power we have to create in our life through manifesting, and in this post I want to share some tips on using manifesting to create New Year's resolutions that stick!

Write down your goals or resolutions (it's always easier to stick to it if you can clearly see your goal in black and white) then try these pointers to help create that change.

1. Create a vision board - if you can visualise it, you can feel it, you can create it. Whether you want prosperity, a new job, a new relationship, to loose weight or just to instill and sense of calm, be sure you visualise yourself succeeding. Feel yourself attaining your goal. Creating a vision board may help and it's fun! Set aside an hour over the holidays, listen to your favourite music and create a collage of images which match your goal. Every time you look at it, you'll relive the feeling of attaining your goal and bring it closer to you.

2. Be positive - retrain your negative self talk and negative self beliefs to positive affirmations.
If you don't believe you can reach the goal, then you won't.
The more you repeat your positive affirmations, the sooner you'll believe them -
and begin to make real changes.

3. Be grateful - it's easy to pinpoint all the things in life we don't have -
but it's better to focus on what you do have and be grateful for these blessings.
Try finding five new things each day you're grateful for -
it will help you look at your life with refreshed and positive eyes.

Enjoy the Christmas and New Year period -
and if you're already making New Years resolutions,
I'd love to hear them!


You can read more about Helen here.


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Melissa from Millisent said...

This is great and wonderful for the new year.

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