Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Savour the flavour: nurture a flourishing windowsill nursery, with Asian herbs in bamboo steamers.
You will need
Corriander, garlic chives, basil, potting mix and coconut fibre; 2 bamboo steamer baskets for each herb (from Asian grocery shops); hot glue gun.
Step 1. 
Adequate room to grow is an important element in the lifespan of a plant. Stacking two bamboo steamers on top of each other will give the roots the space to spread. Using secateurs, remove the base of the upper steamer.
Step 2. 
Using a hot glue gun, adhere the steamers together. Allow to dry.
Step 3. 
Line the steamer with a mulch that doesn’t break down – we used coconut fibre. This will trap the moisture in the soil and prevent the steamer from rotting.
Step 4. 
Half-fill the steamer with potting mix, which includes a controlled-release fertiliser. Gently remove your herb from its container. Tease out the roots, place the plant in the steamer and add more potting mix until the roots are covered but the stalks are free of dirt. Gently pat the soil so that it is firm but not hard-packed. Water your herb and leave to grow in a sunny spot.


Alex Louisa said...

This is perfect timing for me! I have been wanting to get some herbs growing on my kitchen windowsill, but was having trouble finding the perfect thing to grow them in. So many of the nice looking little pots and troughs just don't have the growing room.

These bamboo steamers are perfect! Thanks for the info :)

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