Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Wallpaper a Filing Cabinet

  • Wallpaper offcuts or heavyweight wrapping paper;
  • Spray adhesive (from art supply stores);
  • Ruler or measuring tape;
  • Scissors;
  • Scalpel or stanley knife;
  • Soft, clean cloth

Remove the drawers and measure carefully – a tape measure is best to use for complicated areas. Cut paper to size, allowing for overlap to cover edges.
Spray the front of the drawers with adhesive. Apply some to the side edges. Place the cut paper on the prepared drawers and use a soft cloth to neatly smooth the paper, working from the centre out. Set aside to dry.
Cover the sides and top of the cabinet using the same method as above. For a neat finish, cover the top first, then the sides. Bring the top edges down the side a little then apply side panels and use the blade to trim excess.
It’s easier to cover the front if you have paper to spare. Spray the adhesive over the drawer frame and fix a sheet of paper over the entire area. Smooth as above. Let it dry a little, then use your blade to cut an ‘X’ into each drawer space. This will allow you to trim the paper neatly, leaving a small edge to fold and glue in place. When all elements have completely dried, put the drawers back in place.


Catherine Bedson said...

LOVE this idea, what gorgeous way to beautify a filing cabinet.

Ruby and Belle said...

I love this, what a great idea. The possibilities are endless.

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