Saturday, June 13, 2009

to market, to market

Our Team - Leasl (left), Kerry (back), Rachael (right)

Only one more sleep to go before the launch of our fabulous new Boutique Market at Portside Wharf and Leasl, Kerry and I are so excited. With a fabulous group of talented designers and crafters on board, both old and new, we just can't wait to get down there tomorrow and finally meet everyone in person and soak in the creativity our marketplace oozes! What a fabulous job we have, to be surrounded by such talented individuals.

See you there, 8am - 1pm, Portside Wharf, Hamilton.

Photo taken by Taryn Newland


Courtley said...

Hi there

I thought the markets were good today but you *definitely* need to find stall holders that stock boys clothes. There was a sea of pink and cupcakes today but not a boys outfit in sight! (with the exception of some very cute onesies... bit tiny for my boys though!)

Could you source some stall holders that sell funky boys clothing so us mummies of boys can spend up big?

Rachael said...

Hi Courtley,
Thanks for popping in to our markets! We are always on the hunt for Designers of boys clothes, but there just doens't seem to be many out there! We'd love to hear from them if you know of any...between Leasl, Kerry and myself we have 5 boys and would love to spend up big on our boys too!

Sandrine said...

I just would love to thank you all ladies for a such a great job at making a beautiful Market day experience for shoppers and Designer/crafters/artists stall holders ;)

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