Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Coin Purse Tuesday...and the inspiration...

coin purse card $6.50 - Little Jane St

a few months back I decided that I would like to do a regular weekly feature on our blog, and with the 'current economic downturn' headlining the daily news, went looking for someway to present this doom in a positive light. I wanted to prove that with less than $10, you could still stumble upon great buys, and that you didn't have to spend a billion dollars to get a quality handcrafted item.
An avid reader of the Little Jane St blog, I spied one day, one of her gorgeous cards featured. A stunning sequined coin purse on it's front....and so the 'Coin Purse Tuesday' seed was planted. The weekly feature, presenting fabulous finds for under $10, or the equivalent of the spare change we all have lying around in the bottom of our coin purse.
So this month I was thrilled when Little Jane St came on board as a retailer at the Boutique Markets, and I could speak to creator Alarna about the origins of our Tuesday feature.

So thanks Alarna, for your lovely and inspiring little coin purse card!


mygirl said...

Well done guys, things just keep getting better,keep up the great work

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