Monday, July 13, 2009

Like Dorothy I clicked my ruby heels....

After much preparation and anticipation, Sunday's Boutique Market at Portside was a huge success. So many people, it was great. Although with little time to look up from my own stall I was unable to check out the rest of the market stalls, so I'm going to have to rave about my day at the Peg and Kate stall, and what a day it was!

(Peg and Kate Retro Toes will be available on the soon, in the mean time just email .)

After many nights kept awake thinking of my new product, I finally decided to make them and here they are. Peg and Kate's Retro Toes. And they were a hit come market day.

I was kept on my Retro Toes all day, serving customers. What a great feeling.

And the general feeling from customers all day, was positive. Everyone seemed to have a great time, sampling chocolate and coffee. And of course enjoying the market and all it had to offer.

It was a long and enjoyable day.

And by the end of the day I was ready to click my ruby shoes and go home.

Can't wait to see you again at next months Boutique Market Portside. I will be kept busy
coming up with more groovy designs for my Retro Toes.


Boutique Markets said...

Well the markets are not in Cansas anymore ToTo...we have arrived center stage!

What a fabulous day and Cathy, what fabulous shoes!!!


sarah said...

glad it went well


Nicole said...

I love your 'retro toes' Cathy!

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