Saturday, July 11, 2009

How could you resist?

So we have been talking about it for ages, and finally it's here, Portside's much anticipated sequel to last years fabulous Coffee and Chocolate Affair. The added bonus for our customers, is that it happens to fall on this Sunday's July market day.

But what's it all about I hear you say?
well you can download the program here, but below is just a taste of what is on offer.....

Lindt has returned as a supporting sponsor of the Coffee & Chocolate Affair presented by Lexus of Brisbane. This not only means we are assured of copious amounts of exquisite Swiss chocolate, but it also marks a welcomed return by Master Chocolatier, Thomas Schnetzler, who will be presenting two master classes. The hit from last years festival is back – Visit the Lindt stall and grab a fresh strawberry to dip in one of the five chocolate fountains. Also on offer is a myriad of delightful Lindt

Professional baristas will aim to make perfect coffees in the set time (presentation, extraction time, milk temperature will be the guideline). Coffees from this competition will be given to the audience for a gold coin donation – donations will be going to Winner will receive an Isomac Home Barista Pack.

To generations of coffee drinkers, the Merlo family’s exquisite brew from their 1958 Italian espresso machine caused a revolution in Queensland. Fast forward to 2009 and Merlo is still fostering Queenslanders to a world of velvet rich, smooth tastes. Dean Merlo joins forces with Lindt Master Chocolatier Thomas Schnetzler to present a special coffee and chocolate master class. Prizes will also be on offer for Dean Merlo’s class, including a special ‘Merlo Experience’ which includes a factory tour and coffee appreciation for up to 5 friends – and you’ll get your own
signature blend!

the Coffee and Chocolate Affair, starts 10am this Sunday at Portside Wharf


Little Diva said...

yes, I thought that little Postman Pat phrase would get a few singing along!! I'm just about to reveal what I was waiting for... stay tuned. By the way, that chocolate fountain looks divine - I'm thinking I really should have got someone else to look after my stall tomorrow so I could indulge!!

Sandrine said...

I think I will dream chcolate all night after this picture of the Chocolate fountain!;)

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