Friday, August 28, 2009

AUGUST Retailer of the Month

Congratulations goes to Simone Leete from MiMi FiRST, who took out the coveted Retailer of the Month award at our August Market. August was MiMi FiRST's debut at our marketplace, and what a spectacular debut it was.

The prize, a double pass to the cinemas at Dendy Portside, is sure to delight, and the choice of recipient is based upon marquee presentation. MiMi FiRST's marquee was a treasure trove of brilliant styling and design, backed up by her fabulous collection.

The product range was full and vibrant, with items complementing each other through clever visual display. It actually felt like stepping inside a little boutique, and was made more inviting by Simone's warm and welcoming smile and conversation.

So well done Simone, and a big thanks to all of the retailers for their fabulous presentation within our marketplace. We are proud as punch to say that our Boutique Markets Retailers have truly set the standard around town for fabulous product and brilliant presentation! Well done!


House and Doll said...

It's great to hear stories like this. Well done Simone.

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