Monday, August 31, 2009

Jewellery Workshop with Liana Kabel

I was lucky enough to get to attend the Liana Kabel jewellery
making workshop on Saturday at the Ipswich Art Gallery.

One of my favourite Liana Kabel pieces. Does anyone recognise the
scene from a recycled children's coat hanger?

I went knowing I would have plenty of fun, but I didn't realise
how inspiring it would be to work with new mediums and in
the company of other artists.

The very talented Liana Kabel

Meike Den Otter along with Annamaria Mays (both local
Ipswich artists) were among the many talented artist's that
attended the workshop. It was great to be inspired by
such creative souls.

Artist Meike Den Otter at the workshop on Saturday

Here are a pair of earring's that I made from recycled materials.
I used coloured thick shake straws and buttons.

My very own creation, made from buttons, and coloured
thick shake straws.

Once the adult jewellery making workshop was complete, I picked up
my daughter and had a quick bite to eat at Cactus Espresso Bar.
It was then time for the children's jewellery making workshop
with Liana. Rose had a wonderful time.

Rose modelling the earrings I had just made, and catching a bite to eat at Cactus Cafe

I left her to come up with her own designs, as it is always interesting to
see what she can come up with. Rose made some lovely pieces.

Rose enjoying her time at the workshop. Rose is wearing a ring, bracelet and
necklace she had just finished. Sandrine Marsh may even recognise
the lovely brooch she gave me at the last boutique market.

Thank you to the Ipswich Art Gallery for organising such a wonderful
workshops and to Liana Kabel for her tuition, patience and inspiration.


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